On The Line  

Public Interest News with Rich Gehlhausen

On The Line - Public Interest News presents a variety of subjects of worldwide public interest from the humorous and entertaining to some of the most serious issues confronting people in varying parts of the world today - from basic health needs such as food, water and medicine to international crime.

We'll conduct interviews with people from around the world who are committed to confronting and mitigating the various issues vital to our global audience.

And we'll present the information in a compelling, educational, objective and non-ideological manner.  Our first program will feature the interesting story behind Major League Baseball and The Big Chew followed by an in depth interview with Matthew Fairfax, one of the founders of the Justice and Soul Foundation, confronting the global sexual exploitation of children and human trafficking.  Be sure to tune into On The Line - Public Interest News on June 9, 2015 at 12:00 Noon on XRQK Los Angeles and Airtime America.

Featuring public interest and educational news worthy topics. 

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